Saturday, August 30

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Provencal

It's 1AM and John and I just got back from a rockin' wedding at Vintage Villas up in Austin and it was so rockin (all night long :) that I had to peek at my 7 Gigs of photographs before I went to sleep.

It was a fabulous wedding. The DJ kept the celebration hopping, the flowers were spectacular inside a venue already overflowing with elegance and the bridal party was just down right amazing! Thanks for making ME laugh the whole night, guys.

Ashley and Noah...

You guys have so much class. Love your family. (How can I not love my blog-stalkers ?) haha. Thanks for going out of your way to make us feel like one of the family. Your wedding was truly a celebration of the joining of two lives and I am honored to play a small part. :)

PS: Your photo booth ROCKED. (how many times can i say "rock" in one post?) CONGRATS GUYS!!!!!!

Speaking of rock, here's Ashleys.

Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

Does this photo look familiar? Noah swears he will hang it side by side their engagement photo. :)

The Big Day

We did manage to eventually pull the beer cans from their hands. (Thanks for that little direction, John. :)

This is one of a few dozen! Noah, thanks for your patience! (We zipped through family photos so fast I could photograph Ashley and Noah under the canopy as the sun set!) I'll post more in the coming days. Promise!

Look at these rock stars!

To see a sneak peek of Ashley and Noah's engagements click here, or Ashley's bridals, click here.

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