Monday, August 18

Marvelous Mondays

It's raining today. I don't think I've seen it rain this hard since last summer! Today just happens to be the day we rented our first truck to move our belongings from San Antonio to Cibolo. Yee-haw!

So I sit in our old dwelling, waiting for the rain to let up just a little bit, just for a brief moment, long enough for me to run a dozen boxes to our cars. We can get one last load in before the big stuff is moved.

My email says I am out of the office until Wednesday, but with this rain, I'm sitting at my kitchen table answering emails anyway. :)

The picture above is of the lovely Lindzi. She's so beautiful, isn't she? With the day being so dreary I wanted to post something that would make me happy. And this picture does. :)

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move. Hope all is well. Give me a cal sometime. Love you.