Monday, August 25

A Week of Bliss is a total printing and workflow solution for professional photographers.

I use them for printing my photographs, uploading events to their online galleries for my clients to view and for my illustrious albums! :)

Every week they choose an event and portrait session to feature, which is then posted on their blog and sent out to the thousands of photographers that use them. I am honored to have Lindzi+Matt's event site featured this week! Woo-hoo!! Check it out:

Click here to view Website of the Week

You should also know tomorrow I am photographing the beautiful Ashley and Noah's rehearsal dinner, along with their wedding at Vintage Villas the day after in Austin! Have I mentioned already how much I adore that place and this couple?? :)

The view from Vintage Villas is fabulous. Ashley's dress is nothing short of elegant. Seeing these two together just makes my heart swoon... ...

Thank GOD my job allows for so much sap! hehe Have a fabulous weekend!


Anonymous said...

Very nice. We are very proud of you.

Anonymous said...

I just finished looking at all the photos from the shoot, which I remind you I have never been able to do before. You are absolutely amazing.