Saturday, August 2

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Timberlake

The evening was beautiful at Star Hill Ranch.

The breeze, perfect. Her veil, oh so feminine. His white shoes, snazzy. And I felt like a celebrity when meeting their parents face to face for the first time. :) Personalities make the picture, I always say and these two genuine beauties share an incredible chemistry.

Thank you, Lindzi and Matt, for allowing me to capture a small fraction of your love for each other. And thank you to Debbie & Steve and Maureen & Dave for being just so down to earth, encouraging and wonderful to work with!!

This was a wedding I had been waiting for, for some time...

Love those *gorgeous* boots! So cute! :)

This is the little house where Lindzi and her crew got ready. Thanks for being so easy to work with!!!! I feel like I could be friends with each of you outside of this work...

We couldn't let this piano go unnoticed. :) We took each of Matt's pics with his groomsmen here and he shuffled from one side of the piano to the other, each time pounding out different chords. These guys were crazy kids!! Loved it.... Since we don't have room to post all 4, here's 2 of 4.

Just moments before the bridal party walk down the aisle.

Matt's little grin at the first look of his beautiful wife...

I loved the way the setting sun's glow hit Lindzi's face during the ceremony. Yes, Maureen... it was angelic!!!!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Timberlake!!!

For their guestbook, Lindzi and Matt had polariods taken of all of the guests. Those were slipped into a nifty book and the guests signed next to their picture. What a great idea! (Now I do remember telling her "No pictures of the photog please!" haha. She just didn't listen. :)

First dance!

I just can't stop posting pictures!! :) Can't wait for you all to see the rest...


Anonymous said...


I love the teaser! We are so looking forward to the rest. Thank you for being a sense of calm and a wonderful presence during a whirlwind event! You have been such a blessing for us in this process.

Matthew and Lindzi Timberlake

P.S. I better set the record straight on one item- the boots were made in San Angelo, Texas...props to J.L. Mercer!

Anonymous said...

The pictures look absolutely beautiful. Great job, I still think you get better and better every time. I am truly glad you found a career you love.

Stacy Cross said...

Beautiful job, Carli and John! What an adorable couple!

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures. The groom/groomsmen piano shots are really cool and the close up of their faces during the dance is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful couple!! You really captured the day, can't wait to see the rest!