Friday, September 26

The City a mile high

It's 69 degrees outside and my california cappuccino is perfect. In two hours I'll be back with family, hearing relentless giggles and shrieks, changing diapers and relearning the alpha bet. And I'm loving everything minute of it. For now, my reprieve is found in this coffee shop.
I'm sitting in downtown Littletown, answering my brides emails, editing and dreaming of John and I's move to this perfect city.

Here's a couple of photographs of the twins. Don't know what I'm going to do when I have to leave these chubby-cheeked cuties or the blue-eyed 5-yr-old who thinks I'm going to move in with her permanently. LOL

There is nothing better then being an Auntie!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

They are absolutely gorgeous. Make sure you send more pics our way. I got news for you on the Matthew front. I love you kiddo.