Wednesday, September 24

From another Home front

My father is retired Air Force so all 4 of us kids moved to a completely different state when we jumped ship, each of us calling a different city "home". I am in Denver now, visiting my sister's home until October 3rd. I'm here to assist (and document :) the birth of Abbie, my niece.

Although I don't have my laptop available 24-7, I just bought one of these thangs so I can be reached at if you have a biting question.

I'll be back home in TEXAS Oct 3 only to leave for a destination wedding Oct 6! Now is as good a time as any to book and schedule engagements and bridals!

Have a fabulous week!

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Anonymous said...

Hey you take care of yourself and have a safe couple of trips. Looking forward to the pictures of our niece. Tell Candra and the family hello for us. Still can't believe Matt is # tomorrow. Love you kiddo.