Monday, September 22

nancy + rick = married at last.

location :: houston, tx
ceremony :: st annes catholic church
reception :: hilton of americas
band :: polk entertainment (deserving a post all of their own :)

A week before Nancy and Rick's wedding, Hurricane Ike stormed through southeast Texas. It ripped apart the city, left millions without power and burned down Rick and Nancy's wedding reception hall, a local icon for great music and food: Brennans. So in a matter of days (hours?), they rescheduled their reception for the Hilton downtown and when we arrived last Saturday to that mod elegance, no one could tell otherwise. No one, except Brennan's very own band, Polk Entertainment, who Rick and Nancy just happened to bring along. That four-man-band was happy to be playing at all that night. They showered blessings on Nancy for keeping them together despite the circumstances...

I've never been to Brennan's, nor photographed a wedding in Houston, nor seen such devastation after a hurricane, but after hearing the synergy of those four play in the window-lit hall last Saturday night, it made everything better. There was no mention of why such happiness couldn't take place in those old brick walls... everything was right, right where we were.

Everyone and the kids danced all night long. The toasts were of memories past and blessings provided. Not a drop of rain fell from the sky.

And Rick and Nancy are now One.

How's that for everything tied up in a bow? :)

I love this photo of Rick's mom while the band sings a song just for Nancy...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rick & Nancy! It was an honor to shoot this wedding. The evening was truly over the top. We really enjoyed the wedding both as photographers and as friends. Thanks for letting us be a part of your fantastic wedding.

in_a_blink photography said...

Aaah I love your photography Carli. I'm sure you can't hear that enough from me, right? I think your photography may be the only reason I'll ever get married :) Call me when you get back from your Destination Wedding! I'll be finished with a paper and presentation and be ready to get behind a camera for some relaxation time!