Sunday, September 7

Never too far away.

I had the incredible privilege of photographing bridals today in a city far far away.
If the city holds some significance to you, my bride, then consider it never too far away. My
friend and assistant/2nd photog Kristin and I headed out at 4:30AM this morning for our 8AM shoot. So at 4AM I was bounding (literally) out of bed. Of course it's early. But I'm a photographer full time. How can I complain? :)

I'll uphold the tradition and will not be posting any more of her bridals for review until after their winter wedding! :) Instead I'll post some crazy fun photos that Kristin and I composed while pulled over along a country road on our sunrise journey.
That's Kristin up there!
If you look closely enough you can see a car coming down the road on the one below.The sunrise was just incredible. Fortunately, our journey home this afternoon was just as exciting! We encountered a gentleman we should affectionately label "ghost rider." It is against my better judgment to post his face on here, but let's just say he was the whitest man and the least clothed man I have ever seen on a motorcycle!

Thanks, Kristin, for the laughs!!! And to my bride... you were beautiful, didn't complain once about the heat and I can not wait to show you all 200+ of your urban shoot! Woo-hoo!!!