Sunday, September 14

CHANGE.... and other happenings

Nothing says "change" like a new blog and website. Notice the changes going on around here? The website will be completed by the end of September, hopefully. Booked 11 weddings already for next year and prepping for our two destination weddings approaching... I'm giddy about those. :)

I've been in my hole lately finally getting settled into our new home, finishing up albums from weddings past, putting the finishing touches on Ashley and Noah's spectacular wedding and creating a monster game plan for next year's increased wedding-efficiency! Woo-hoo! It feels like the last two weddings John and I have shot more photos then we have EVER shot. (Over 2000 images? crazy.) So I am having to get super efficient on editing and more importantly, trying to figure out how to brew the coffee, make the meals, keep the house clean, (still haven't figured out that one yet) keep the puppy happy and stay on top of editing! I have SOOOO much respect for my two sisters who both have twins and a 4-yr old!! CRAZY!!

So anyway. Just thought I'd let you know what I've been up to these days. My beautiful brides, if your wedding is 2009 and you have not yet scheduled engagements with me, I would be honored to write you in my calendar! Now is a great time to book!

Until then, hope you all are enjoying the pleasant cooling of temperatures! Have a fabulous week!

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