Tuesday, October 21


It's 7:17AM. The sun is beautifully arisin' and as I pull my sleepy eyes open and cure my daily blog addiction, I see another great Apple commercial. I must share.

Speaking of Apple, I might have mentioned I'm not one of the savviest people in the world when it comes to technology. I deal with it because I am a "digital" wedding photographer, but when it comes to learning about this 3G stuff with my iphone, I just don't do well. So if you've called me in the last 2 weeks and were unable to leave a voicemail, I'm sorry!! AT&T is in the process of "troubleshooting" it. Shouldn't a voice mail box be tied to the fact that your phone is ringing and nobody's answering... and not some 3G technology?

What do I know? If you hear some stupid AT&T error message when you call 512-789-1206 then it's best to just email me. Thank you for your patience!

Com'mon Apple! For being so darn cool, at least give us the continual satisfaction of "ease of use."
Pretty please?

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Anonymous said...

Yeh, that mac guy sure is a nerd