Friday, October 3

Feel the Verve... I mean, vibe

{bittersweet symphony playing.}

Abode Bride, Camino and Daylite open on my macbook.
Nancy+Ricks photos, I edit.
Underwater camera sitting beside me.
Suitcase for Jamaica open, but not packed.
Just can't concentrate.

I'm home from Denver. My beautiful sister did not have her baby while I was there... God knows best, I guess. We plan. We think we have everything under control. What do we know?

Only that life is too short.
We're way more blessed then we'd ever admit.
God is good and we're here on earth.
Always seeking that which we know not.

"There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."
And that's why I'm a photographer.

Have a fabulous weekend!


kristin said...

i'm glad you made it back safe, if only for a minute!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip kiddo. Call us when you get back in town. We miss you lots. Will take more pics of Matt for you.

Unknown said...

omg.. are you in Jamaica now!?? maybe that's why my phone call didn't go through :) Bring me home some sand because I will probably never see it from there myself.. and oh.. Ryan's brother is there with his wifey and cute son.. maybe you'll see them there! haha.. Love you!!