Friday, October 17

I'm goin' to Luckenbach Texas

John, Eliot and I are leaving in about 30 minutes to go to Shanon and Joshua's rehearsal out in Luckenbach, TX. YEE-HAW!!!! Tryin' to dig out my cowgal boots. Can't find'em. Dangit.

Man I love this couple. John and I met them at our bridal extravaganza up in Austin last January and all four of us were instant buddies! (One of the hundreds of reasons I LOVE my job. :)

Every time Shanon has called me we've ended up on the phone for a minimum of 30 minutes, chatting about our lives, jobs, our men... you know... stuff that girl friends chat about. And I've only met this gal two times in person!

All of this to say, Shanon and Joshua I am honored you'd choose us to capture your incredible day tomorrow! With the joining of two such wonderful people-- it's going to be AWESOME.
I can feel it in me bones.


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