Sunday, October 26

Kelly + Darryl = Engaged!

To my dearest Kelly and Darryl...

You guys were simply smashing this morning.

Another couple walked by and actually asked "Are they models?" For inkedFingers they are! :) I really enjoyed our time together, Kelly and Darryl. You are so sweet to each other and what a magnificent smile you have, Kelly! Thank you for providing me the privilege of capturing such a love... I am really looking forward to the wedding!

In this photo, they both made holding Petey and Ginger look like a cinch! If you only knew.... haha. How this photo came out so perfectly composed in the middle of that doggie mayhem, I know not! But I simply LOVE it! Hooray!!!

Darryl's weakness:

Well, OK. Darryl's other weakness: :)


If only the Eiffel Tower was the backdrop...

Have a fabulous week, Kelly and Darryl! Thanks again for letting me be part of your lives! It makes me very very happy.

And a great big shout out to Mary Neal, my old UT college buddy (fellow photojournalist major) who shot with me today. I always love our good times together, Mary. Let's do it again!


kristin said...

these are great!! oh how i miss austin! i love the "made fresh daily" shot :)

Kelly said...

LOVE them so far, I can't wait to show people! Darryl and I are so excited, we had a good time with you this morning!

carli said...

kristin-- precisely why i book so many weddings there!! can't get enough of that city. :)

kelly-- yay!! SO glad you like the sneak peek! and there's more!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Makes me actually miss TX. You continue to prove why I am a huge fan of your work. Send me some business cards.

Anonymous said...

Great photography, and a good looking couple!