Tuesday, October 14

Trash that Dress.... in Jamaica Mohn.

Several summers ago I sold educational textbooks. I was a "book girl!" Then, I ate, slept and breathed those books for 3 months. How was I to know hardly three years later I would be photographing a fellow "book man" and his wife.... in Jamaica?

That's how John and I met. The "book field."

John met Bristi on stage. He retold the story their wedding night-- on that hot Jamaican evening:

Bristi plays in a band that sings "70's 80's 90's and today!" she'll tell ya. :) She just finished singing Sade "Smooth Operator" one of her favorite songs and John walked up to the stage, according to him "What are the chances that some guy in the audience can hit a date with this super hot vocalist surrounded by four guys in the band?" and said something like, "That is my favorite song!" And after a few interesting dates and Bristi playing hard to get, they were inseparable.

When Bristi asked me what I thought of a "trash the dress" in Jamaica, I was stoked! She had purchased a dress just for the session which was different then her wedding day dress. We had sandy beaches, the limitless ocean and a crystal clear pool to play in for 2 full hours! My husband Johnny and I came into possession of an underwater camera for the week so you better bet the first solid two days in Jamaica we learned that baby up and down!

Bristi and John started out just playing in the sand...

Then we had them walking into the open ocean... (carefully working around the topless women. hehehe)

Then submerged in the pool.

One of my favorites from the day. :)

I still have many underwater shots yet to look at and a post to write from their wedding day... We sure took a lot of photographs!


kristin said...

makes me wanna run away :)

Anonymous said...

I love the one of them in the pool, 2nd to last. I think you should use it for advertising!

in_a_blink photography said...

They look awesome so far!! :)