Sunday, November 30

The Book of Love

Three shoots in two days? Mexican food two nights in a row? Yess! I could smother myself in Mexican food and be one happy gal.

I have barely had time to breathe the last few weeks. Which is fine... because as long as I've got Johnny to make me laugh at 1AM in the morning as I edit and mexican food, everything's just fine. In the mean time, I've been shooting some pretty darn cool people. Like the couple below: Kathryn and Albert who have been married for THIRTY-SEVEN years! That's love, my friends. That's what I want. Everlasting love. This is the quintessential couple that epitomizes my career: true love.

(How many more times can I say love in this post? :) But alas, I don't have time to write more or post more, but Nydia and Kim... you both looked stunning and I shall provide a sneak peek in the coming days to prove it. Thank you for your patience and remember this week is the last week to order Holiday cards!!

To true love: cheers
To the rest of the week: Dear God, May I survive it still on my feet.

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