Thursday, November 6

{inkedfingers} about us.

Little (pointless) facts about the people behind {inkedfingers}.

1. John and Carli met and fell in love at Starbucks on Dec 31, 2004. Carli was the barista. John was the customer. And Carli still has the napkin that John wrote on to ask her out.

2. There are 5 sets of twins in Carli's family. Both of her sisters who are older then her have had fraternal twins. John is an identical twin.

3. Carli bought John a golden retriever puppy for his birthday last year. They named her Eliot, affectionately called "Ellie". She is their baby. Carli even taught her to dance and play dead! This is what she looks like now:

4. Carli majored in photojournalism at UT. HOOKEM! John majored in sports medicine in Kansas. John was more into "the arts" then photography, until he met Carli. She taught him everything she knows and to this day, John is becoming a better photog then Carli. (How does this happen???)

5. {inkedFingers} is Carli's baby. John works the weddings on weekends and has 2 companies he runs during the week: MedRep Catering and Menus 24-7. If you know a medical rep, hook'em up with John. He'll take care of all their lunch needs. :)

6. John and Carli didn't have a large wedding or a wedding photographer. They got married out in Emma Long Metro Park off of 2222 with a minister-to-go and Carli's bff. Carli still has an incredibly pricey dress she has yet to wear "down the aisle."

7. As photographers, only 5% of their time is actually spent photographing. The other 95% is going through thousands of images, uploading, editing, (blogging), creating albums, burning dvds, mailing packages, answering emails. And yes, they love every single minute of it! And yes, when you do eventually have babies, they would be ECSTATIC to photograph those preg-o bellies and itsy bitsy newborns.

8. Carli worked for 3 different portrait-based photography companies before starting her own. Her favorite was TSS, The Sports Section, photographing kids sports on the weekends.

The end. :) Now it's back to editing.... Have a fabulous week!


Anonymous said...

Now I know why you never got back to me! ; ) Haha - just teasing yall! :)
- Stacy

in_a_blink photography said...

Aaaah...TSS - That was a good job! :)