Sunday, November 2

Kimberly + Kevin = Engaged!

Kimberly is a friend and referral of Laura's. Thank you, Laura! :) It seems like years since I sat down with Kimberly and Kevin at the kitchen table, heard of their dreams and vision for the wedding and met their mini-man, Noah. :) So it's only been several months! I don't have very many San Antonio brides and it's a nice change of pace to shoot so close to home...

It's too bad the mosquitoes were out in a vengeance tonight! My arms look like they have chicken pox on them I was so viciously attached! Ugh.
Note to self: don't wear perfume. bring buggie repellant for self and clients next golf course shoot.

Thanks Kim and Kevin (and Auntie and Uncle!!) for coming out to the golf course today and braving the bugs. I had a great time! February will be here before ya know it.

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