Wednesday, November 12

Laura + Cody = Married!!

Laura and Cody were married November 1 at Becker Vineyards just outside of New Braunfels. Thanks for your patience, Laura! This post is long overdue.

This group was probably one of the craziest yet. There was never a dull moment-- the groomsmen especially were cracking jokes nonstop! The box of tissues by the mother's seats during the ceremony (I'm sure) was used because everyone was laughing so hard! Laura and Cody's minister was a friend who officiated for the first time and kept everyone highly entertained.

And have I mentioned the dancing that evening? Oh man... talk about 100% participation. They rocked it all night long. With the constant flow of vino supplied from Becker Vineyards... let's just say I kept hearing how good it was.

Some photos are better left unexplained. The shirtless groomsmen with the bride and kung-fu in the lavender field are probably two of those moments: priceless.

Dancing the night away in celebration of your best friend's marriage...

Knock your socks off. :)

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