Monday, November 24

Motivation?? Anyone?

So I have this crazy idea.

I've read a few of my bride's blogs and noticed some fitness training going on... I don't know if you guys are running to race or maybe you've just joined a fitness class or maybe you're like me and you want to start running again, get back in shape. What do you think about a few of us meeting up like 2 times a month to go run Town Lake??

I dunno. I know I'm down here in Cibolo and finding a time that might work for all of us could be like pulling a needle out of a haystack. I also know a few of you that have already ran marathons, a couple have done triathlons (never ran a marathon but I have done an olympic triathlon myself...) and I would love to do one again. There is a sense of satisfaction that can't come any other way then knowing you are a triathlete. Incredible!!!

Hm. In any case... I'd just love to meet up with you for a day or two to go running!

Let me know what you think. I'm thinking maybe some Sunday morning?? Then, if we're really adventurous we could all run a 5K or a 10k! THAT would be awesome. In fact, here's a list of Austin runs. Who'll join me??

K. Back to sitting on my butt. aka: editing :)


in_a_blink photography said...

Funny story - I was JUST telling my friend that I wanted to start training for a half-marathon. I'll probably be doing most of my training in Dallas, but would love to run some of those events with you!

Princess Selina said...

Carli! I would be down for a run at Townlake if you were ever going to be in the area. Hopefully I wouldn't fall over. haha

in_a_blink photography said...

Okay. I signed up for The Big D Texas half-marathon - April 5, 2009. You down? :)