Saturday, November 8

what it's all about

I was in a really bad mood yesterday... Which doesn't happen very often, but it was one of those days I just couldn't pull myself above the drudge. I had a lot of editing to do and many more errands to run and just realized I couldn't get everything done in that 24-hr day. To top it all off, I hadn't run in weeks and despite my planning ahead to run the lake (my way of energy release :), I realized I forgot to bring some warm running clothes. A tank top and shorts in 59 degree weather wouldn't cut it.

I sat in the thick of traffic on my way to Tiffany and Jeff's rehearsal in west Austin and prayed I would get out of my slump...

No sooner had I stepped out my car and walked up to Wild Rose Hall, Tiffany came skipping to greet me with a laughing smile and a great big hug.

Seriously... in that moment, the burden on my back lifted and I had to thank God for the perfect job.

What a blessing when I can "go to work" and feel better then before I came. :)
Thank you to my brides for all of YOUR encouragement and support....

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