Friday, December 19

Angelica + Mark = Married!

What can I say?

Out of all of the weddings I've shot, I've never EVER seen the bride and groom cream each other with the cake-- at least not like this! ;) And the look on Angelica's face after she did it was absolutely priceless. Angelica, don't you worry! These are only 3 in a series of about 10 photos that take the cake. (Pun intended :) You've got it from both John and I's perspective.

This was my first time shooting at Memory Lane Events Center and the venue was wonderful! A big thank you goes out to Talia for being so wonderful to work with. And Stephanie and Chris... we've got a lot to look forward to! :)

Now on with the show!

Wind makes for some great photos. :

Aww! See how sweet they look to each other!

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