Saturday, December 27

checking in

Push play. Then read. :)

I am home and happy.

I realize I have a plethora of emails to answer which I will reply to between tonight and tomorrow. For usually replying with 24 hrs, I appreciate everyone's patience in my delay!

How was your Holiday week with lights and celebration and family? Mine was wonderful and snow-filled. I drove down snow-lined boulevards in Kansas City, chased golden retrievers old and young and watched one of my nephews in Dallas ride solo on his bike for the first time. It was very exciting!

I love my job, perhaps too much I throw myself into my work, but a break brings clarity to my thoughts and rejuvenates these tired bones. And now, I remove myself from one state of mind and channel my peace and momentum into another field: my business. Thank God I can come home to something I am so passionate about and is so dear to my heart: my brides!!! (One topic a few of my in-laws and I discussed over the break was how few people in this world can actually say they love what they do. I sat there sheepishly, saying little because I knew how fortunate I was to be one of those few. :)

Before I return from my hiatus, here is a sneak peek of my life over this past break, from John and I's drive from Cibolo, up through Dallas visiting family, then up through OKC, shooting engagements and visiting my sister and her kiddos, then on to Kansas City where we spent the majority of our days: visiting Johnny's fam and my bff, Shari!

This first one is John and I. See the camera in my hands? ;)

Because I rarely see snow, I took very many pictures of it. I love snow.

Elle's first encounter with snow. (Eliot on crack. lol) Crazy girl.

Eliot and her Aunt Sandy.

Playing around at the Plaza. It was BELOW freezing but it seems to be a ritual that whenever John and I return to KC we walk around the Plaza and take silly photos. I welcomed the cold weather and meandering.

The little coffee house in which we stopped to warm up for a bit before trekking out in the 20 degrees.

This is me jumping. I think I'm going to frame these series of shadow/footprint photos just because I can and because some of them look completely ridiculous. :)

Man it was cold....

Have a wonderful New Year!!!!!!!

And if I can offer you any advice for the coming year it is this: keep a journal.
It is very similar to the necessity of taking photographs in that it records time.


Anonymous said...

Hey Carli! Love the pics from KC! I'm glad you had a good Christmas and hope you have a wonderful new year!

Anonymous said...

Hey sis. Looks like you had a lot of fun. We didn't have snow for Christmas, would have had alot in NY but oh well. Glad to see you got home safe. Love and miss you.

in_a_blink photography said...

i've mentioned this before, i believe. but, i have always hated pictures of pets. BUT, somehow you always take the most precious shots of your Eliot. i can't help but love every picture you take of her! her and Sandy is just an adorable shot! i love it!

carli said...

@Joe- Great to hear from you. :) Thank you!! How was your Holidays??? Weren't you in some far away city, too?

@Ren- Like I always say, you're my biggest fan. :) And what? No snow for Christmas? Maybe that was the first Christmas you could enjoy, outside of NY! ;) Can't wait to see you in July!!

@Mary- Thanks, Mare. You make me smile... really big. ;) I hate pictures of pets too. Except of my Elle!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I lived in KC for a few years! I miss it often. Your pictures make me wish I could go back and visit again. Glad you had such a nice Christmas there...and with so much snow!