Wednesday, December 24

Coldest Shoot EVERRRRRRR

Hello my beautiful brides and your fabulous fiances!

I am out of the office this week until Sunday afternoon. Just so you don't think I've been completely MIA, I just finished going through some photos from an engagement shoot out in Oklahoma City I shot Monday:

It was 29 degrees when I shot this. Let me remind you I've been living in Central Texas the last 5 years of my life and have gotten by with wearing flipflops through the winters. Needless to say, I didn't even bring gloves with me!!!!! (I'm crazy.)

I'll explain more later but basically, I met this beautiful red-head when I was a senior in high school and she was a seventh grader. These two lovebirds have been together for five and a half years, so to have the honor of photographing her wedding----- it is a big one. :) I heart you Kaci! How did I get away with not even taking a single photo of us??? Thanks for braving the cold. You guys are awesome. :)

(looking at snow out my window, very cold at the moment :) Carli

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