Saturday, December 13

I Heart

It's true. I'm still in bed. :) For usually waking up at 6:45 it feels incredible to still be hanging under the covers at 9:14AM. Yeeeesss!

Johnny and I are headed out to Dripping Springs this evening to shoot Angelica and Mark's wedding and in the interim, I'm just formatting my camera's memory cards (in bed) and gathering inspiration for tonight (in bed)!

Here are a few of my favorite things, in no particular order, from which I gather vast amounts of inspiration and/or just tickle my fancy:

+ Martha Stewart. That girl has some fab ideas. And I love the layout of M.S. Living Magazine. Clean-lined. Simple. I seriously just need to get a subscription to that thang, with as many as I just buy off the stand...

+ J. Crew Magazine. My wardrobe. My future poses. GREAT photography tucked in those thin pages.

+ Tribeza. Austin's coolest magazine... ever. Look for that square 'zine at your local coffeeshop or favorite antique store. Are you getting the hint here? I love magazines. ;)

+ The Poser. I've never met another photog who doesn't think this guy is amazing. Keep it up, Erik!! You rock my socks off.

+ Anika London. Almost every movie I watch that this duo compose, I cry. They make me fall in love with my job of wedding photography over and over again.

+ The Sartorialist. Fashion at it's finest. Spend a few weeks peeking at his blog every day and you'll get my drift. Thanks for the tip, Renee. ;)

+ Oh joy! Perhaps you'll recognize her stuff from Anthropologie? Incredibly talented designer.

And a hundred other blogs and printed materials and obsessions I shall leave for a time down the road...

Have a fabulous Saturday and be lookin' out for some hot pics from Angelica and Mark's wedding AND Selina and Ryan's engagement shoot Sunday morning up in ATX. Yahoo!

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