Tuesday, December 30

Kaci + Alan = Engaged!

I don't know where to begin with this gal. So I shall start... at the beginning. (I don't apologize for the long post. This gal deserves it.)

My father was a pilot in the Air Force, thus my family was stationed at Vance Air Force Base in Enid, OK. I was a senior in high school when this story begins, at a small school: Oklahoma Bible Academy. Circa 2000. This was the first year our school started the "Buddy Program". All of the seniors drew names out of a hat of the incoming 7th graders, to befriend them, show them around campus, take them to lunch and more importantly to introduce them to the throngs of the "big kid" world. The little slip of paper I withdrew held the name of one of the most popular girls in the 7th grade class:

Kaci Lynn

Aside from being incredibly cute and oh so amiable, of all the things I most remember about those days, (as I remember little) I do recollect how pragmatic, level-headed and mature Kaci has always been. When I saw other girls flirting around and just being teenage gals, Kaci was always the one to mentor them, to be there when they needed her most and to give advice beyond her years. I remember long phone conversations after I left Enid, in the beginning, about boys and God and journals and... life in the "big kid" world. Funny how you think you are the one to mentor, when you, the teacher end up being taught. It was Kaci who showed me what devotion to God is. It is Kaci who reminds me what purity and "wait" means.

And here I am today. Close to 9 years in passing and the little thing I hugged as she went off to class I now am provided the opportunity to photograph the day she becomes one with her true love.

Oh yes... I haven't even mentioned Alan up to this point!! Alan Alan Alan. I see both of you together and I realize how perfect you are for each other. I watched as you buttoned up his coat when we took a reprieve from photos in the restaurant corridor and I almost started to cry as I was taking those pictures. You're so cute. Both of you. You will complete one another. And the love your parents share will be passed down to the love you will know.

I love ya, Kaci. Thanks for letting me share in your dreams. :)

Your senior, Carli Bitting (Kiene)

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Anonymous said...

You are way too sweet! I am the one who was blessed. I am thankful that God brought you in my life. Thanks for taking such beautiful pictures.