Tuesday, December 9

Kheira + Evan = Engaged!

I met Kheira and Evan last Sunday in an alley downtown.
"Well, where shall we go from here?" I asked and there wasn't really a specific answer... so we just walked around downtown Austin, me with my Nikons and Kheira and Evan with their groove.
How I love doing that.

Kheira works in the same office with Ashley and they're both so laid back, smiley, easy-going gals. I'm thankful for the beautiful Ashley sending more beautiful peeps my way!

We ended up at the pedestrian bridge under Mopac as the sun set on the shimmering waters...

Would the artist of the below verbiage under mopac please reveal themselves? Evan... it wasn't me, I promise! ;)


aprovencal said...

These pictures are amazing!! Kheira & Evan are a beautiful couple.


carli said...

Thanks, A! :)
I think so too!

Anonymous said...

The pictures look absolutely amazing all of them. Keep up the good work. Talk to you later.

Anonymous said...

OMG! These are awesome! I'm so jealous of all the great ideas! Love ya Carli!

Annemarie said...

Don't you LOVE that saying???? Turns out that it's been painted a few different spots around Austin. We should take a day and go out and shoot together and find them all. :)