Sunday, December 7

McNay Beauty

So it's taken me long enough, but I'm finally getting around to posting some photos from the 6 shoots between this and last weekend! I've spent the last three days in Austin, more waking hours in this neighboring city than my home... meeting incredibly new couples, all of them referrals (THANK YOU Ashley, Selina and Kelly!!) shooting engagements like they're going out of style and learning that work is only defined as work when you don't like what you're doing! Along that vein, I haven't worked a day the last two years of my life. :)

Without further adieu, Kimberly, you shall wait no longer! Kristin joined me to assist and help shoot Kim's bridals down in San Anton at the McNay, the tried and true perfect place for bridals:

Kimberly also asked me to create her wedding invitations, based on the mock-ups of save the dates we just started carrying. The invites turned out FAB and I shall be posting those in the coming days as well! Like I always say, my brides come up with the most incredible ideas. :) Thanks, Kim!!

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