Sunday, December 7

Mike + Marie = Engaged!

Marie saw Kelly's engagements and said, "Who's your photog?" and of course, the rest is history. :)

I LOOOOOOVE referrals! And I love Mike and Marie! Hilarious. ;) Thanks for coming all the way from Boulder, Colorado so we could spend some time together. Two weeks ago was our original engagement shoot but the day was humid, grey and bleh. SO glad yesterday worked out! Super cute dress, Marie! Woo-hoo!

In their early dating, Mike and Marie hung out all the time at Alamo Drafthouse. How cool is it that we got to shoot there last night? Thank you to the Drafthouse staff for being so accommodating! You guys are awesome.

And before that is was at Mt Bonnell to watch the sun set...

Looking forward to that September wedding!!

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