Sunday, December 14

Selina + Ryan = Engaged!

It took about three minutes of photographing Selina and Ryan for me to get a hunch... of just how much fun the next two hours would be!

Man was I right! Selina and Ryan are in L-O-V-E and soooo easy to photograph! No kiddin. I think it's all those other "Knotties" she talks to. Did I say that right, Selina? haha Did you guys discuss poses or something? OR else you're just naturals in front of the camera! With Ryan being the photog that he is, I bet it's the latter. :)

Since they met on UT campus, we had to shoot there. Like Selina said, I forgot just how beautiful campus is.

You should recognize the name "Selina" by now because she keeps referring brides to me... and I hadn't even photographed her yet! I am blown away. THANK YOU Selina!

Credit where credit's due for the above shot: Erik!

LOVE the row of trees with the Capitol in the background-- great find, Selina!

Left the best for last, of course. :) Look at that height you got, Ryan! Wowee! And Selina the diva, of course.

Thank you again and again, Selina and Ryan for being so cool! Had a lot of fun today... despite both of our lack of sleep! Really looking forward to the wedding. :)


Princess Selina said...

OMG Carli! Those look so awesome! I can't wait to see the rest!

carli said...

Yay!! Another crazy happy couple! ;) You guys were so much fun, Selina. Can't wait to hear your play list at the wedding!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun as usual. These photos look great. Can't wait to see you and take pictures together.