Tuesday, December 16

Terrific Tuesday

Because it's fun to shoot what you want, when you want...

My most favorite $8 purchase of December:

My latest and greatest business cards, featuring Kelly + Darryl:
(Obsessed with rounded corners, btw.)

A minor addiction:
(Dark Choc Mijao El Rey 61%)

The greatest unadulterated chocolate I have found to date.
Made a mocha from these things a few weeks ago and it was nightmarishly delicious.

Katie + Richard's wedding is this weekend...
since Johnny boy will be out of town again for work, my pal Kristin from Lemon Yellow Black Photography is shooting this one with me again. Good times!

If I shot your engagements/bridals/family portraits in the last 3 weeks, expect them soon! :)


Kelly said...

Ah! Love the photo business cards!

Anonymous said...

I love the cards too. So pretty :)