Sunday, December 7

Thirty-Seven Years

You might have noticed the post that's been lingering for the past week about Kathryn and Albert. What an incredible joy to shoot, not to mention the honor that comes with photographing an anniversary of sorts... for being married 37 years!

I never would have thought it would be so different from photographing engagements, or newlyweds for that matter. The truth is, it's night and day... and I love it all.

For Kathryn and Albert, the chemistry was just different. The road they've traveled was longer, so their moves between each other more fluid, their gaze more steady. I've seen couples in love and I've seen couples really in love, but nothing tops spending a lifetime together. It makes me want to cry.

Thanks, Kathryn and Albert for providing me complete freedom and for allowing me to capture your love for your children... and their children... and their children. The pleasure was mine. :)

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John said...

Great looking couple, great looking photos, Carli.