Wednesday, December 10

Torch: Sexy, retro, vocal jazz

As a wedding photographer I am privileged to meet an excitable amount of brilliant people in a relatively short amount of time. It's marvelous.

TOrcH is a band, based out of Austin that I am SO privileged to have had the opportunity to photograph on several occasions. Joe and Carola's wedding the beginning of this year became my first taste of them. What a grand idea to have a live band at the wedding! Simple. Classy. Sophisticated.

In the words of Joe and Carola: VOONDERBAR! Simply wonderful. :)

As many of you know, I recently acquired a new website which includes the ability to play music on my site! I contacted Seela, the lead singer and with her permission I will be adding a few of their songs to my site. And here is their site, much worthy of note and perusing:

Thank you Seela and company!! If I didn't have a wedding the 13th of December how I would have LOVED to head on out to Luna. Be well!

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