Tuesday, January 6

2009 Blog Stalkers Party!

Oh my goodness! Last week I had a crazy load of people peek at the blog! Cool.

Since it's the beginning of a new year and I want some more cool blogs to follow and see who's stalking me :) leave me a comment and tell:
1. who you are
2. what city you live in
3. your favorite blog of all time or one you love to follow.
Include the link for all of us to view!

Then I'd love to hear something random about your plans for 2009. (I know a lot of people getting married this year!)

So got on-- git commenting!!

(For those shy ones out of the bunch, I've made the first comment to start everyone off. ;)


carli said...

Heeeey. My name is Carli and I own this here blog. ;) I live in the tiny town of Cibolo, TX which is somewhere between San Antonio and Austin. Very convenient. ;) The blog I absolutely LOOOOVE to follow is the Wedding Chicks: Click here! :) Lots of other great photogs and wedding ideas, in general!

Anonymous said...

Hey there. My name is Tiffany from Philly. I stumbled across your blog one day and love your work. I am hoping to get married soon (no ring yet but fingers crossed) and am really into photography. I follow tons of blogs it helps me learn new tricks and gain thoughts for when I turn bride-a-lisous ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carli! I'm one of your brides :) and I live in beautiful Austin, TX! I have no idea how I came across the blog The Bride's Cafe, but I've enjoyed all the gorgeous pics. So many great ideas! I dont know how to include the link up here, so you'll just have to copy and paste :)


Fact for 09: I'm getting married in 18 days!!

RINA :) said...

Ok I'm BUSTED!! HEHE I'm Rina, I live in Orem, UT and I loooove your Blog :) I have TWO fav blogs that I follow, the first is The Pioneer Woman and the second is Omi Photo.

Anyway, I'm an )oh so) amateur photographer and loooove looking at other people's photo blogs.

Happy New Year!


Luis Murillo said...

I'm Luis Murillo and I'm a technical consultant and amateur photographer. I live in Heredia, Costa Rica. My most favorite blog...well I got several so it's hard to mention one, most of them are photo related. I run my blog which is a mix of photo and computer related at codebeta.net

Anonymous said...

I'm Joanna! I met Carli at her best friend Shari's wedding as we were bridesmaids together. :) I'm in Kansas City. My favorite photo blog is by Shelley Paulson, good friend and my wedding photographer! http://www.summersetstudio.com/blog/ But Carli yours is honestly a close second!!! Love your work and the life you put into it!

Princess Selina said...

Hi Carli! I'm lucky enough to be one of your brides! I'm a slightly misplaced Austinite living in Pflugerville, TX. I have to many favorite blogs to name them all. They are all on my blogroll so check them out. OMGosh Carli! I'm getting married this year!!!! =)

Kelly said...

Hi Carli, Kelly here, one of your Austin brides. I think my fav blog is Stuff White People Like http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/

Funny stuff :).

in_a_blink photography said...

I am Mary (hear me roar!). I currently reside in Garland, Texas (just outside of Dallas). My favorite blog belongs to my favorite photographer: Fred Egan (http://www.fredegan.com/blog). But, Frontburner (D Magazine's blog) is a close second because they are witty and keep me in the know of what is happening around Dallas. (http://frontburner.dmagazine.com).

I am in 2 weddings this summer and booked to photograph one. Oh, and I am running in a half-marathon in April! :)

Anonymous said...

@everyone- Thanks for being my blog stalker and fan, sharing your fave blogs with me and for the encouragement!!

@Tiffany- Philly, eh?? Well we've shot in Wisconsin, Arkansas and Jamaica! We'd be honored to trek on out to Philly. ;) It's so beautiful there in the fall! Good luck with your wedding plans!

@Cheryl- OMGoodness! It is only 18 days away! Kristin and I are really really looking forward to it! And I've come across Bride's Cafe in the past but forgot about that site. LOVE it, too!

@Rina- Pioneer Woman is incredible! Great photographer, too. And thanks for blowing your cover. ;) hehe It's always great to see beautiful faces and names instead of just "some statistic" that's following you!

@Luis- Costa Rica! I bet you have some incredible favorite spots to photograph! Your work is great, by the way! I especially loved the marble/gel spheres photo. Looks like you used a 50mm lens? :)

@Joanna- Awwww. Any friend of Share's is a friend of mine. I really enjoyed getting to meet all of her buddies. It was a lot of fun, wasn't it? However, had no idea that you were my blog stalker!! hehe. I am mega flattered. Thanks, Joanna! Shelley is an incredibly inspiring photog!

@Selina and Kelly- Of all my brides I was hoping you two would post something because I know you both are avid bloggers and I was interested to see what else you peruse outside of your photog's blog!! haha. Thanks for being so cool. Like I've always said, I get the coolest gals!

@Mare- THANK YOU!!! Thank you for just being you. We need to shoot again soon. Hey! Where's your marathon in April? Can I come photograph you? Way to go!!!

in_a_blink photography said...

@Carli (;)) It is in Dallas!! April 5 and I would LOVE THAT! Here's to hoping you aren't booked in lovely ATX :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chandra here! I'm a proud native Texan living in beautiful Austin. And I have the great fortunate of being one of your brides in '09 as well! I haven't known you too long, but I'll confess that I'm already one of your blog stalkers :) I love everything you write, from your emails to your blogs, because you always make me smile and laugh!! When I'm not reading your blog, I read my friends' personal LiveJournals.

Anonymous said...

Milton from Austin/Pflugerville. Getting married in November.
I should blog but I don't. I do post some of my poetry on Facebook and MySpace. I don't have a favorite blog. If I have time to read stuff on the internet, it's usually my friends' blogs or e-mails.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Shanon here. I was a bride of Carli's in October 2008 out in good ol' Luckenbach, TX. I live out in Maryland now. Carli, you are the only blog I read. Fun 2009 fact...we are going to start trying to get prego in about Oct-Dec range....get ready to fly out in summer 2010 for prego pics! (God willing...)