Monday, January 12

At first, you must sail...

I was sitting in a coffee shop and the older gentleman next to me saw I was editing photographs and began a conversation about his photographs, how he had traveled the world and had thousands of photos he needed to organize. He was organizing them at the moment, and he twirled his lap top around to show me pictures of his boat which was presently sitting somewhere on the East coast.

I told him I liked to sail...

Which then spun our conversation from photographing to business owning back to sailing small boats and large boats and this quote, which was his favorite and he told to me, has never left me:

"At first, you must sail a small boat."

I, Carli Kiene, am a conquerer. I have goals, very high goals and I want to achieve them now! I hardly have patience to learn the trade. I want to be THE best, I want to love THE most, I want to make her HAPPIEST. Hardly do I want to take baby steps toward my goals-- I want to leap and bound towards the end result!! Fly there if I could!!

But that, above, grounds me. I must, in Hebrew "liat, liat" slowly, slowly grow and take things one step at a time. Perhaps that will be my biggest lesson to learn this year. Although life flies at me fast and when it rains it pours. But first, I must sail a small boat.

First... I must sail a small boat.

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