Sunday, January 25

Cheryl + Taylor = Married!

The day I first met Cheryl, her thick black hair was matted to her beautiful face. On her trip to meet me that morning, her windshield wiper flew off her car in the torrential downpour, so she was forced to drive from shop to shop looking for a windshield wiper and still made it to our meeting... smiling!! What a sport! I should have perceived her wedding would be a magnificent one. She made it through the whole day yesterday without a peep of complaint or worry! The church was well lit-- any photographers dream-- and she's a referral of Katie and Richard's. So my 2nd photog Kristin and I got to jam with two incredible couples two weddings in a row. ;)

You looked fabulous, Cheryl. It is an honor to play a small part!!

As soon as Cheryl opened up the door to step out of her car, her veil went whipping in the wind! Thanks to the quick hand of her incredible bridesmaid to save the day! I love Cheryl's smile! You can hear her laugh.

Could the bathroom be any smaller with five people in it? Ha! Here is the help of 3 of her bridesmaids to figure out that bustle!

Dance, Cheryl, dance.

Can't wait for you to see all of them, my friend! Cheers to the newlyweds!!

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Anonymous said...

yay!! I had so much fun yesterday :) Can't wait to see the other ones! Thanks again!