Tuesday, January 13

Knottie to the core [To all my brides]

If your sink's stopped up, you call a plumber. If you need to wire an electrical outlet, you call an electrician. And if you need some advice for planning a wedding? You call a Knottie! (Pronounced "naughty" with a new york accent.)

That's Selina right here. She's a Knottie. :)

My definition of a Knottie is: noun. a person, probably a bride but could be a groom, one who is engaged to be married and planning a wedding who participates in and contributes to their local level of The Knot.com

Have you seen The Knot? WOW! It has SO much information, it's like the Google of wedding planning. For those brides who just got engaged or are in the thick of it, I have heard so many positive things about that site and the publications they put out on the local level, I had to interview one of my brides to get some more info about it!

As a wedding photog and a girl who never really splurged on the whole wedding thing herself, I whole-heartedly admire Selina's involvement in the big day and her "do it myself" attitude. (Like I always say, inkedFinger's gots the coolest brides. :) It's a daunting task trying to plan that thing-- but hey! I don't need to be telling you guys that.

So without further adieu, here's my mini interview with the Knottie. I'm sure if you have any other questions, Selina would love to answer them. She's a pretty cool gal.

1. Where did you first hear about The Knot? Did other friends/family utilize it/recommend it first?

I first heard about the Knot from a friend that was getting married a few years ago. She told me it was a great tool that helped her get through the planning process with her sanity mostly in tact. At this point in my planning, I don't know if I would have gotten this far so soon without the help of all the ladies on there. I have recommended the Knot to other friends I know who have gotten engaged or are feeling overwhelmed with planning their wedding.

2. Can you explain the purpose of the Knot, for those soon-to-be engaged? Why use the Knot?

The purpose of the Knot website is to try to simply the process of planning a wedding. It can be pretty overwhelming when you put everything you need in a list and have no idea where to start to cross things off the list. For me, in the very beginning, all the Knot articles and picture galleries were really helpful to me trying to get ideas and recommendations for who and what to use for the wedding along with proper wedding etiquette etc. As my planning has progressed, I've started to frequent the Austin message board, as well as the Making It Personal, The Dress board and the October 2009 board, to help me out in my time of need.

3. Are there other forums out their for brides that help you connect like The Knot does?

I know there are other blog sites like The Wedding Bee and Wedding Wire (for vendor reviews) but I seem to keep to the Knot Austin board for connecting with other brides.

4. What do you enjoy/utilize most on the Knot? Anything you try to steer clear of?

I love having a place where others can relate to the stress and accomplishments of planning a wedding. Besides the message boards, I browse the photo galleries for inspiration on flowers, reception ideas, and anything else that can have its own picture gallery. The Knot to-do list is also really helpful but I have my own to-do list from another book so I don't use the one on The Knot that often. Something about seeing it on paper and being able to cross off a task is more satisfying. =) The thing that I have tried to steer clear of is posting on the national boards. From advice from other Knotties and personal experience, it's best to lurk around the boards, read a few posts, and then jump in. Sometimes those girls can get feisty depending on the board you are on. =)

5. You heard about {me} on the Knot messages boards, correct? :) Did you hear about any other vendors that you are now using for your wedding day?

Yup! I'm sad that I can't remember who it was that mentioned your name on a 'Name Your Photog' type post but whoever you were, THANK YOU! While I haven't booked them yet, I have ideas for florist & cake people that I got from the Austin board. Hopefully I can get these people booked soon and be done with the major vendors.

6. Your wedding day is going to be here soon! Any other advice you can provide that you've learned up to this point to help make wedding planning run smoothly?

MAKE LISTS! Excel (or Numbers if you are on a Mac) is your friend in this planning process. It makes life so much easier when you have a To-Do list for each aspect of your wedding planning. And it's always fun to be able to cross something off your list. And if you can, buy a wedding planning book. I found one at Barnes & Noble that has questions to ask each vendor and it's been a lifesaver when I blank on what to ask them.

7. (Just for grins) What do you think your favorite detail of the wedding will be?

Right now, I'm pretty excited about our invitations. Ryan designed them and I love love love them! Actually, I'm loving every detail about the wedding. From my dress to our possible wedding favors, oh, and my awesome reception shoes, I just can't wait for everyone to see the final product!

Thank you a million times, Selina! You Knottie girl you! ;)

If any of my other brides has any contributions or would like to guest post on my blog, I'd love to hear from you! Let's spread our wealth of wisdom!


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