Wednesday, January 28

Nevaeh is 2 Months!


OMGoodness! Can you say a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e? Today I had the honor of photographing Nevaeh's 2 month portraits! This beautiful gal is the niece to my 2008 bride, Tami. Remember Tami and Ramiro?

I just loved how this petite thing was so alert! Every waking minute she was smiling and cooing and talking and... she just loved when I laid her in that bed of tool. I think she's going to be quite the girly girl! She was just a little fussy after her mommy fed her but as soon as we put her back in the spot light and were flashing away boy did she ham it up for the camera! Two months old and she's already a superstar! I love her! (I already tried to take her home but her mommy pointed out-- how would I feed that little thing?) Dangit. See how much I know about babies? ha! I LOVE them..


Somebody's getting sleeeeeepy.

And she's a goner.

Look at mommy and baby's profile!

As I showed John these pics the first words out of his mouth were "Look! Two cracks!" lol

Thank YOU Tam and fam for allowing me the incredible opportunity. Can't wait for the next session! Nevaeh is a princess!

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