Thursday, February 19

A Breakaroo.

I'm sitting in the airport, killing time before I fly out to Denver.
Last weekend concluded my 4-weddings-in-4-weekends streak and I'm now waist-deep in color-correcting, album-making and photoshopping! This is my last free weekend in a loooong time so I opted to visit my sister and her beautiful fam in Denver for the weekend.
My mom is flying in from Houston to meet both of us up there, so it's my mini vaca!

I get back late Sunday then it's back to the grindstone!! So for now, an enjoyable break. ;)

I just finished creating Bristi's flush-mount albums from her Jamaica wedding last year.
NOTE: It didn't take me this long to get the album out!! ha. It is completely up to my brides to get their favorite images to me. ;) hint. hint.

Anyway, beauties, thought I'd share a few pages with ya:

The above is from our trash the dress session...
my first time in Jamaica and my first trash the dress session!
As I've said a million times, Bristi, you guys are HOT!

My camera is with me (of course) so rest assured photos of the three-ring circus to follow!!


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Anonymous said...

I like them. Keep up the good work.