Friday, February 13

Cupcake Party madness!

That cupcake party wore me OUT last night! Here's a sneak peek of our adventures.

{Many more fotos to come. ;}
A big THANK YOU to Rachelle for being a wonderful hostess. Also, hugs to Kristin, for being just wonderful all the way around in helping setup, at the fotobooth and clean up! You gals rock!

Oh yeah-- to my brides and their friends and their friends-- thank you for your support and encouragement! I really enjoyed spending time with each of you!


Anonymous said...

It was so much fun!!! I had a great time and it was fantastic to meet all the other beautiful ladies. Maybe a Halloween party too.... :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVED it and had a fabulous time with everybody. Thanks again for sharing your home, Rachelle, and thanks for having the party, Carli!

Halloween I'll be getting married! :)

Princess Selina said...
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Princess Selina said...

Those pics look great! Thank you so much for doing this Carli and to Rachelle for letting us invade her home! I had a great time! *Besos* =)

Unknown said...

um.. i want a photo booth! lol.. looks like so much fun!! Glad you girls had fun.. the cupcakes look great! :)

Kelly said...

Devistated I had to miss it. Even more devistated that I had to be in Kingsville, Tx instead.