Monday, February 2

Marilyn and Doug {married}

Marilyn and Doug met in psychics class at UT. So it was only appropriate that we took their engagement photos in the very same room where they met! That was May of last year. This past weekend I had the privilege of heading out to St Theresa's off of 2222 and then Arbor Pointe Event Center to see them unite. It was a gorgeous wedding... so many lovely details!

As the priest noted, the first "trial" of their marriage occurred on the altar: the unity candle would not light!! It seriously felt like an eternity before the worship leader came up, cleaned the wax out and hallelujah! The candle finally lit! haha. Marilyn and Doug you were so cute-- laughing the whole time! I've a great series of photos. ;)

A few of the lovely details...
This is by far one of the best bouquet/ garter tosses yet! It's SO good it looks photoshopped! Love it. Thank you God for 5 frames per second!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Hunt!!

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Anonymous said...

The pictures look amazing as always. Looks like you are enjoying your camera. Hope all is well. Looking forward to seeing more photos. Talk to you soon.