Saturday, February 14

Valentine's Day Lovin'

Last night, Valentine's Day eve, I drove up to Round Rock for Katy and Arthur's rehearsal.
Their little church faced the west and the setting sun set hit the steeple just right... SOOO excited about tonight! This is my first Valentine's wedding ever!

In an hour, Kristin and I'll be heading up to that quaint church once again and then on to the swank reception hall. Be looking out for some incredible details from this wedding, all made by the Soape sistas, including but not limited to: vintage restored hair pins, full silk flower arrangements, freeze dried rose center pieces and much much more. ;)

I need to write a book about the resourcefulness of my brides! Every wedding I'm blown away by their DIY initiative. I love you gals. ;)

One photo to tide you over until tomorrow.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I hope your significant other spoils you as much as my husband spoils me! I woke up to 2 dozen red tulips and a loverly card. I LOVE it! Don't need a silly holiday to realize I've got THE man. I love you Johnny! Can't wait to come home to your cute face tonight!

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Anonymous said...

I love this photo. It reminds me of small town living. The lighting is amazing. Can't wait to see more.