Monday, March 2

2nd Photog Bliss

Periodically (and never frequent enough) I get the privilege of shooting with other incredible photographers.
It's rewarding and always a learning experience!

Norman, from Thanks for the Memories, invited me to shoot with him at Vintage Villas on Sunday as the 2nd shooter. Any time I even hear the name of that venue mentioned my heart swoons! I LOVE that place! So here are a few of the images I took for him and the beautiful Amina and Mani.

Thanks Norman, for having me along! It's a pleasant change of pace to not be in charge and to let loose on those creative shots! ;)


Anonymous said...

Looks like you did have fun. Really like the photos. You have such an amazing talent, glad you are using it.

Anonymous said...

I love the last photo. And the air the guy on the right got is crazy!!