Sunday, March 29

David + Olivia {Engaged!}

I really really love photographing engagements. So it's already a given that we're going to have a great time-- but with David and Olivia I had a BLAST! Could it be that their ideas were just as crazy as mine? Or maybe because we couldn't stop laughing at each other??

I won't have the privilege of capturing their wedding, however I do think Olivia first saw my photos on Ryan's blog, the Ryan from this engagement shoot! So yes! I definitely do engagements a la carte!

You guys are so cute! Look, Olivia! I brought the fan again!!

I like this one so much, it's on my desktop. It's just so... cool.

We walked around downtown and stopped in awe as we saw this alley. (below) I'm sure the staff hanging around thought we were a little crazy to be hanging out with a wide-angle at 9:30PM! ha!

Can't wait for you to see all of them, Olivia and David!
Much Love, Carli

PS: David, Like that shirt. ;)


Princess Selina said...

Awesome pics. =)

oli said...

we had such a blast. thank you so much!! we LOVE the photos