Saturday, March 28

David + Olivia {Sneak Peek!}

Meet Olivia and David.
They drove all the way from Houston for me to take their engagements! Now imagine you're driving from Houston to Austin for your e-sess and your fiance tells you half way there he forgot ALL of his shirts to wear!

Three hours later.
Shopping in Austin accomplished.
Survived through traffic at 5PM.

Insert crazy photog, three and a half hours of shooting{!} and a hysterically funny {fun} couple.

Many more wonderful shots to come.

David & Olivia, thank you for your ideas and positive attitudes no matter the circumstances! You rocked my socks off! Can't wait to show you more! *hugs*


Milton said...

Love the reflection.
Love the night shot of the capital.

oli said...

You are awesome!! =) We LOVE LOVE LOVE these two.

Princess Selina said...

tee hee...Ryan knows Olivia. =) And I love these 2 pics! I wanna see more! Every picture you post makes me more and more excited for October. You are so amazing! =)

Unknown said...

These are awesome...loves it!!