Tuesday, March 10

Ellie Bellie Bo Bellie.

I've been an editing queen lately! All of these beautiful people you're seeing on my bloggy are keeping me nose-to-the-grindstone, brightening eyes and sharpening colors! I strive to make each shoot better then the last and I can't help but notice even more so now that the clients I am blessed with allow me 100% creative freedom and are relentless in contributing ideas to {our} inspiration! THANK YOU guys!!

I've got a bridal shoot with the incredible Jamie at the McNay this afternoon and I am SO ready for bridals! These aren't just your "put your bouquet on your hip! smile" kind of shoots. Let your inner diva shine for goodness sake! How often do you ladies allow yourselves the opportunity for a solo photoshoot? In 20 years, you'll thank me. If you don't know now how fabulously beautiful you are in this moment, I am thankful for the opportunity to prove it perhaps if not today, then next week or the year after that. Ah, my brides... all of you are beautiful. :)

Elle thinks so too. :)

It's been too long since I've written in my journal so thought I'd post a few pics of my baby today. :) She follows me around the house, laying at my feet whether I sit at the kitchen table, my desk or the couch. I don't wear socks or slippers so I think it's too cute when she will lay directly under my feet and keep'em warm!

Speaking of doggies, I ran across this blog: Rouxby {http://www.rouxby.com/blog/}
She does OMG superb work with the puppies! You know how much I love my dog so when I saw these photographs I was on my way to buying a plane ticket just so she could photograph Eliot! haha

Go give Claire some lovin's! :)

Let's make it a wonderful week, lovelies. Do that one thing you know you've been avoiding. Just... do it! You'll feel better, I promise. ;)


Anonymous said...

She's grown up so much. I remember when you came to Syracuse to visit and you had just brought her home. Hope you had a good day. Thanks for talking earlier. Love ya sis.

Anonymous said...

heyyy, thanks for that shotout! i am lovin that film strip style collection of your ellie! i wish i could photograph her!

and then one of these days when i eventually get married, i could hire you!

Anonymous said...

Damn that's a cute pup!