Friday, March 6

Kevin + Liz {Engaged!}

Meet Elizabeth and Kevin.
They drove all the way from Dallas Friday night just for me to take their engagements!
Well... sort of. Their wedding is in May, their photographer was out of town and they needed their engagements done asap! Enter {me} + awesome weather + wind + great ideas + incredibly free-spirited, good-natured architect and entrepreneur and this is what you get:

(Do you recognize the below location? It was where Keith + Erin and I got kicked out, almost a year to date! hehe The San Jose Hotel, one of my all time favorite places to shoot.)

Dear Liz and Kevin,
How FUN! I really enjoyed the entire evening. {We hadn't even met face-to-face until last night!} It was wonderful getting to know you guys over some good ol' Texas beer, enjoying the incredible weather and making some memories. Wow... I am so blessed you found me! ;)

This is what love looks like.

Thank you, Liz and Kevin. For everything.
Your wedding will be spectacular!
Enjoy the rest of your wedding planning and congrats again!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics. Gotta say my favorite is the 3rd one.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images. This couple looked like they were having so much fun and you captured that with ease.

Anonymous said...

i'm in love with that second shot w/ the branches -- gorgeous!!

carli said...

Thanks guys!!! ;)