Tuesday, March 17

Milton + Leah {Engaged!}

Tonight's engagement shoot was waaaaay too much fun.
Meet Milton and Leah.
They are both 7th grade teachers up in Round Rock.
He teaches language arts. She teaches math.
I think both of them are very brave to teach middle school. ;)

Somewhere between Leah's whispers of "I love you" and Milton's relentless kisses, I sensed a genuine respect and undying love between these two. I don't remember the proposal (Milton, refresh my memory!) but I do know it had something to do with rose petals and poetry. Awwwww.
EDIT: So I don't know where I got that? lol I just remember sitting there thinking "What a romantic way to propose!" haha. So maybe I was a little off?! Or a lot. ;)

Thank YOU Milton and Leah for making my job so easy! You guys had me laughing until my face hurt!

Thank you Kristin for tagging along, being the wonderful assistant that you always are and of course taking these very rare shots of me in action. You're the bestest.

Can't forget a BIG thank you to Anne-Marie for lugging around those doggies for us in the beginning!

And in Milton's words from his blog:
"While we were laying on the Capitol grounds (the shot of us with our feet in the air), a guy yelled out, 'I wish I could be that lucky guy.' Don't I know it!"

Yes, you both are so lucky to have {each other.}
Yours is one of my last wedding of the year. Why must I wait so long?? ;)


Anonymous said...

Great pics. Nice to see a shot of you in action once in a while. I actually told Corey the other day that I would love to see you in action and see your mind at work. Maybe sometime.

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Can't wait to see the rest.
The proposal: I do write poetry, but when it came to proposing, I created a scrapbook for our 1 year annivesary which I gave while we were at the Trail of Lights in Zilker Park. It's okay, it's been a year since we told you the story. If anyone is interested in reading the whole proposal story, go to our webpage on the knot.


Again, awesome job and thanks!

carli said...

Milton--- Ah yes! The scrapbook!! That is pretty impressive! As I mentioned in my "edit" note above, I have no idea where I thought it had something to do with rose petals and poetry! lol

SO glad you the photos!! More fantastic ones to come. ;) Thanks, Milton.