Sunday, March 29

Past and Present

And I thought 2009 would be slow compared to last year! ha! I have been so blessed with referral after referral. Thank you my beauties!!

So since the beginning of this year, here is
What Was.
Cheryl + Taylor
Marilyn + Doug
Sandra + Nelson
Kim + Kevin
Katy + Art
Liz + Kevin

What Is.
Jamie's Bridals
Stefanie+ Stephen
Leah + Milton
Olivia + David

What's To come... in the next 4 weeks
Chandra + Wes {E!}
Stephanie + Chris {W!}
Jennifer + Gervais {E!}
Kelly + Darryl {W!}

Yay!! Be on the look out for some more beautiful brides! And if I am slow at blogging or returning non-work related email, I'm just trying to plow, nose-to-the-grindstone through this lovely life. ;) Have a WONDERFUL rest of your Sunday!

Much Love,
Carli R. Kiene

PS: My beautiful brides present and potential, if you have not booked your engagement or bridal session with me, I am close to filling up dates for the whole year! Please shoot me an email by the end of the week with some tentative dates! Thanks!

PPS: (Did you ever do this at the end of letters when you were like 10?) ha!
Anyway, because my 2009 wedding calendar is full I have had several inquiries for e-sessions a la carte. Yes! I LOVE doing engagements. The session is $300 and includes the dvd of photographs, 5x5 mini album, unlimited locations, unlimited outfit changes and a whole lot of crazy fun! (Just ask Olivia and David. ;) Email me as fast as your little fingers can type!


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Kelly said...

Hooray, Jen and Gervais booked you! I don't know if she told you, but we were college roomies for 2 years, glad she's in good hands. I can't believe we're only a month away!!!!!