Thursday, March 5

Sandra and Nelson {Married!}

What a party! Between the incredible facility, the beautiful couple, the liveliness of the crowd and the great vendors, the entire evening ran so smoothly. What a wedding!

I really loved how Sandra and Nelson have so much fun with each other! You may remember their engagements where we shot at the Austin mural and then went on to Hey Cupcake! It was an incredible session, not just the photos but to get a chance to really know these guys. Every wedding photographer wants an amiable couple to shoot, with cute details and funny moments to capture: this definitely has been one of my favorites! Thank you, Sandra and Nelson, for inviting Kristin and I to play a small part and thank you, Kristin, for once again being a wonderful right-hand gal! ;)

Here's a shout-out for all the vendors at this rockin' night:

Venue: Laguna Gloria Austin, TX
Wedding Planner: Bethany Childress of 36th St Events
DJ: Byrne Rock, of
Caterer: Crave
Floral Arrangements: Becky Diaz of Bouquets of Austin
Makeup: Tavia Williams of Method of Makeup

Those two gals that look a like up there are Sandra and her sister Lauren. I can't say enough good things about them! Lauren has such a kind heart! Your speech was beautiful, by the way. ;) Way to go!!

Tavia, you did an outstanding job on Sandra's makeup! Hottie! ;)
Tavia is a referrals of Lindzi's, from Lindz + Matt's wedding. Ladies, this is the gal you need to go to for your wedding-day makeup! She's affordable, friendly and does a phenomenal job.

The couple requested they eat privately upstairs in the solarium, away from the crowd for a few moments. I thought this was a wonderful idea! Somtimes the crowd of people (and flashes!) can be a bit overwhelming. So after my few shots, I let them enjoy the quietude. How nice!!

See the cupcake theme???

Beer and a cupcake. What more could a guy want?

Thanks for making us feel like family. ;)
All of you, Erik, Lauren, Mom and Dad on both sides-- you guys rock!
Will be uploading all of the photos to in the next 3 weeks.


EDIT: In a recent email, Nelson reminded me (how could I forget?) the affectionate nickname the b/g and family provided me: inky. It will forever be impossible for me to forget the first time I met Nelson's mother at the rehearsal as she greeted me with a great big smile,
"Inky!! You're Inky, right?" HAHA! Inkedfingers, yes. Niiiice. I can't say anyone's ever given me a nickname before.

Love you guys. Thanks for the raves. ;)



Anonymous said...

AHHH!!! Inky! You did an incredible job with the whole thing. From the engagement photos, to the rehearsal and the wedding itself. You rocked not just my sister's world, but mine as well. heart you! -Lauren

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! LAUREN!!! You rock MY world! It was a real privilege getting to hang out with you guys. Thank you for your kind words!!!!!

Email me if you get the chance-- I might be calling you in the near future for possible business opportunities. :)