Sunday, March 22

Stephen + Stefanie {Engaged!}

Oh Stephen and Steffy!

What fun we had! The wind was whippin, the sun was a'settin and I had two perfectly beautiful models. What more could a photog want?

Maybe a little less wind. ;)
Isn't Stefanie just uber cute? I don't think they can get much cuter than this.

After hanging out at the Austin mural we climbed up to the top of the Penny Backer bridge as the sun was setting. I haven't really seen a beautiful sun set these past few weeks, but I prayed for some color last night...

We got a beautiful sunset! Wahoo!!

And a lot of wind. ;)

Can't wait for your wedding!
It's going to be an intimate wedding with close family and friends and of course the {inkedFingers} fotobooth! Woohoo!

Thanks for letting me be a part of your lives, Stephen and Stefanie, from photographing little Cecilia to capturing the pre-ceremony and soon-to-be incredible wedding. ;) *hugs

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Love the pics!